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BONUS BLOG: Living with Love and COVID-19+

November 13, 2020

Jessica Comstock is a friend in real life, and I know her from serving as a pastor of her home church. 

She and her husband and children have first-hand experience of a tragically timely topic. With her graciously expressed permission, I share it with you here —

We were one of the first families in our area and friend groups to get the virus and I can count on ONE HAND the friends that offered help to us during that time.
People really don’t understand how INCREDIBLY HARD the isolation is until they experience it themselves. We honestly would not have survived without the support of those friends AND the Iroquois County Health Department who brought groceries to us!
I said all of that to say this…
I see people who are now going thru the hardship of having the virus and I notice they are getting much more support from friends and those in the community and this makes me VERY happy, but I think there is a small tidbit to learn here (and it is something I have learned myself):
We shouldn’t just show love when we can relate and understand what someone is experiencing, we should show love and support to those who are living and experiencing something we don’t understand WITHOUT expecting an explanation from them as why they think what they are experiencing is so difficult.
The simple of it? JUST LOVE others well!

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