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Looking for a Celebrity Pastor?

October 18, 2020

Jason Woolever is a friend and colleague who speaks wisdom here (as usual, the highlights are mine) —

We live in a culture that is obsessed with celebrities. This has become a part of Christianity and is most likely unhelpful to true spirituality. Christians often look for celebrity pastors to follow and learn from, then hang on every tweet, online sermon, and position statement they make, without any awareness of what the person is like up close.

I want to suggest that rather than looking for a celebrity Christian to take your cues from that you look for a quiet faithful Christian in your own community.

Look for someone in their 70s or 80s, who has been faithfully serving in the church for several decades, and still cares more about reaching lost people than their own preferences.

Look for a retired pastor who never became cynical or critical and continues to serve joyfully and faithfully and grow more in love with Christ and God’s Word with every passing year.

Tap into the minds and hearts of veteran Christians who have read the Bible multiple times and have built their life upon its teachings, rather than the changing winds of society.

Look for the steady, joyful, quiet Christians who have passed the test of time, and are still passing it. That’s where the true wisdom will come from. God’s Word lives so deeply within them that their lives are a demonstration of what it looks like to live out God’s teachings in your local setting.

I have a few of these Christians in mind as I write this. There is a 99% chance you have never heard of them. They’re way too Christ-like to ever become famous.

—- Indeed.

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