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“Who Do You Like for President?”

October 16, 2020

Greg Coates is a friend and colleague who has graciously given me permission to share this with you —

He arrived at the meeting early so we made small talk. Then the rural Illinois farmer asked me point blank: “Who do you like for President?” I looked him in the eye, appreciating his honesty. “If I tell you, will you think any differently of me? Will you respect me any less?” He swore, “No!” And I believed him. So I entrusted my political preferences to him, and I could see a slight disappointment in his eyes when we discovered we were on opposite sides of the fence. Even so, we talked politics another ten minutes until the others arrived and nothing blew up. It can happen. Civility lives.

– Joe here again.

Good stuff, right there.

And see that?

That guy over there?

On the other side of the coffee shop?

He was writing something down.

Then he got up to get a refill.

On my way to do the same, I slowed down as I passed his table so I could see what he’d written —-

If it’s doable at all,

then as much as depends on you,

be at peace with everyone,

no one excluded.

—-– Sound familiar? 


It’s Romans 12:18.

Pastor Greg and his church member were doing exactly that.

Here’s to more of us finding ways to do that! 


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