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Engage the Scriptures — 2nd Sunday

September 13, 2020

QUICK REVIEW: Daniel Griwold is a colleague in South Carolina who seems to have had the phrase “credit your source whenver possible” woven into his life as much as others of us. Witness this citation: paraphrased from a podcast w David Watson on the doctrine of Scripture. 

And here’s what Watson offered, shared here with Daniel’s graciously expressed permission —

How should Christians engage the scriptures?

(1) Read everyday,

(2) Read the whole Bible, not just the pieces you like, &

(3) Listen to the wisdom of other believers – from today and the early church, avail yourselves of the wisdom of the church.

What parts of the Bible are “the pieces you like” and why?

 Once you’ve answered that, get a load of this

During my sojourn with some Presbyterians in a class on Preaching from The Old Testament, the instructor began by telling us to close our Bibles.

Had my attenion right there!

Then we were directed to turn our Bibles so that we were not looking at the spine of the book but at the opposite side, the edges of the pages of Bible.

“What do you see?”

And kaBOOM, for most us us the realization was that the New Testament pages were considerably more worn than those of the Old Testament.

Point made.

Once you’ve identified the “pieces you like” of the Bible, it’s obvious where to next dig in and savor “the whole Bible, not just the pieces you like.”

So what are you going to read this week?

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