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BONUS BLOG: Today’s Update Column for Our Local Church…and Now You, Too

August 27, 2020

Visitation and Other Good Stuff

with Dr. Joe Scheets

Yeah, “COVID-19.” Enough said, right?

So in addition to my daily devotional blog (, check these out —

Tuesday Bible Study (TBS) Videos. In July and August I did online Bible Study Lessons that I called “Our God-Given Freedoms.”

These were posted Tuesdays at noon on our church website (thank you, Mark McKeown!) and our church Facebook page as well as my own FB page.

With a goal of five minutes or less, these zipped along while also being heavy on content.

Coming in September: You’v Got Mail. Yes, my spelling there is intentional; if you wonder why, check out the opening of my TBS from 8.11.2020. Hint: there’s a 9-year-old artist involved.

These are available online Tuesdays at noon and anytime after that at the same places.

You’v Got Mail will be “highlight reels” of some of St. Paul’s letters to both the early church and us.

In September, we’ll think together starting on Tuesdays at noon about Romans, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Galatians, and Ephesians.

Wonderful Words of Life (WWOL) Videos. I started this series shortly after our pandemic restrictions began. Available online at the same FaceBook pages as my Tuesday Bible Study, these are there by 5pm on Wednesdays, with as much as possible in 2 minutes or less.

Currently we’re finishing up a series on Psalms and John Wesley’s Rules for Singing. I plan to continue WWOL episodes with new topics on into our pandemically foreseeable future.

Weekly Letters. Since I started on staff here, I’ve reached out every week to our members unable to get out easily. They get a devotional page and a Bible puzzle page along with a cover letter from me that’s usually chatty and two pages long.

If you’d like to be added to my Weekly Letter list, just ask: if I could send these to you electronically, hit me up [in the Comment section below].

If you’d like one to arrive in an envelope with the help of the United States Post Office, again just ask [in the Comment section below].

Anything you think I should know? Contact me anytime [in the Comment section below].

God’s still in business, and by the grace of God so are we.

Yours in Christ,


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