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Losing Our Balance

July 30, 2020

“I’m a Calvinist and Reformed,” writes Presbyterian Steve Brown, “and we Calvinists do things ‘decently and in order.’ We don’t speak in tongues, tell jokes, or dance. But if we do, we don’t do any of that very well.

“We believe that if you get the facts right, then it’s enough. It’s not. It’s not nearly enough.

“So often we (and a lot of serious Christians who aren’t Reformed) ‘know the words, but miss the melody.'”

May this never be said of those of us who claim the first name Wesleyan and the last name Christian.

And then there’s another potential problem.

There was a time when we Methodists were criticized for being too emotional…and for singing too much…and for singing too loudly…and a couple of decades ago I was told by a brother pastor in a Ministerial Alliance that Methodists smile too much.

“The people of the middle way” is how Adam Hamilton and others describe us when we’re healthiest.

Join me in praying for the ability to use the good sense God gave us.

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