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BONUS BLOG: 3rd of 5 Prayers

June 7, 2020

Liz Auld, writing for, gives us five “prayers for justice in the midst of injustice.”

I offer them here, slightly edited for brevity and inclusion, as starting points —

3. A Prayer for The Brokenhearted

Lord, you know the hearts of everyone involved.

Remind us of your closeness and your presence; remind us that you are with us always, through tragedy and triumph.

Your Word tells us that you are the Light and though the darkness tries it cannot put out the light; your Word also tells us that the darkness is as light to you. You know all things, there is no secret that can be kept from you, even in darkness — you know the truth of what has happened.

Thank you for the comfort in your Psalms, many of which cry out from broken hearts. They Psalms remind us that you are our Refuge in the midst of trials; you are our everlasting fortress.

You are our only true safe place. May we leave every tear and every ache of our heart at your feet; may we trust you with these realities and these feelings.

Help us to trust you always, and help us to seek you in everything. May we find comfort in who you are, God.

In the name of Jesus the Son of God we pray, Amen.

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