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BONUS BLOG: 2nd of 5 Prayers

June 6, 2020

Liz Auld, writing for, gives us five “prayers for justice in the midst of injustice.”

I offer them here, slightly edited for brevity and inclusion, as starting points —

2. A Prayer for Justice in the Midst of Injustice

Lord God, we pray for justice. Your Word is clear about human life; every life is valuable because every life is made in your image.

We may look different from each other, but we have one big thing in common — we’re all your image-bearers Lord.

God, you know the injustice that has occurred for thousands of years, in different countries, with races and classes of people.

Help us to look to you and your Word to remind ourselves of what justice should look like.  Lord,  we pray that our hearts would be transformed by your grace.

May this time of injustice produce opportunities for conversation to talk about your grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

May we seek you in our quest for justice, and may we continue to pray and act in your name for justice to be served when lives are taken and hateful actions are committed.

In your name Jesus we pray, amen.

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