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BONUS BLOG: Difficult or Infrequently Used Words

June 4, 2020

Hal Hamilton is a colleague with good things to say. Here’s one example, which we has graciously given me permission to share with you —

When I was in 8th grade in Lexington, KY, my language arts teacher would start each week by giving us a vocabulary list of difficult or infrequently used words and we would receive extra points throughout the week if we used them correctly in conversation.

No points were given for using them without clear comprehension of the meaning.

Here is my recommended beginner list for everyone to try at home, around the water cooler and at the protests this week:

confirmation bias
original source
echo chamber
deep fake
tone deaf

For extra credit, I’m throwing in a word that lots of people think they know….but I’m not convinced 


— Quite a list!

How’d you do, just reading through it?

Pick a few that are still new or even uncomfortable to you, and try them out this week. 

And how are you coming with that Extra Credit?



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