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Missing You…Missing Y’All…Missing Us

May 26, 2020

“Missing you…missing y’all…missing us.”

Sent that message last week to people in a couple of groups.

We work together.

But it’s more than that.

We share the complexities of life together.

All this technology literally at our fingertips is great.

But it’s not the same.

I miss them as individuals.

I also miss them as the parts of the living entity that those groups are.

And I miss those groups.

I hope you have people like that in your life.

You miss them and they miss you.

We’re not the first and we won’t be the last to feel this way —

 I long to see you again,
and I will be filled with joy
when we are together again. 
I remember your genuine faith,
and I know that faith continues strong in you.
1st Timothy 1:4, 5
— Let’s find ways to encourage one another’s genuine faith so that our faith continues strong. What might be some ways we can do that? I’d love to hear from you in any of the usual ways.
Even if we’ll all still be missing one another.




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