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BONUS BLOG: Warning and Wisdom

May 25, 2020

Hayden Carruth is a real life friend from my Asbury days who recently wrote this amazing bit of both warning and wisdom. It’s with his graciously expressed permission that I share it with you here — 

I’m thinking about something that has probably not fully formed in my mind, but seems important to me.

Our situation with COVID-19 has aggravated and revealed some of the deepest divisions in our country, and many are flexing their muscles for combat.

My concern is this: I learned long ago from an excellent therapist (my spouse) that anger serves as a protective layer to cover our hurt, pain, and fear. If I am focused on what makes me angry – and am busy validating that perspective with all sorts of confirmation bias – I am ignoring the poisons in my own soul.

Hurt, pain, and fear expressed only as anger can only distill and concentrate within me as I distract myself with the “reasons” for that anger. Meanwhile, the best of me is dying and the poison is spreading. My true humanity can and will be diminished.

Our [common] humanity is the wellspring of our healing, for it provides us with so much love, humility, compassion, and mercy. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said, “Out of [you] will flow streams of living water”.

Our authentic connection to the one who made us like him/herself is what will make our nation – indeed, all nations – well again.

If we continue to protect the deepest parts of our “human condition”, health and hope will never be ours.

Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison (“Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy”).

What say ye?

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