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The Ones That Walk Alongside

April 29, 2020

“Thanks to the ones that walk alongside me, I can continue on.”

Pop Quiz Question 1: Saint Who-Was-It that said that?

I’ll wait.

Time’s up.

The correct answer is Yaeji. It’s a line from a song on that Korean-American DJ’s latest release.

Pop Quiz Question 2: Shouldn’t it be The Church saying things like that?

The correct answer is Yes. We’re all in this together, and those of us who are The Church should easily be able to name “the ones that walk alongside” us and help us.

Pop Quiz Question 3: When will we realize that by the grace of God we really ARE The Church and get busy both being and doing The Gospel? You know, things like being “the ones that walk alongside” others, helping them “continue on” and so much more?

The correct answer is Today.

And God’s calling us to be “the ones.”



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