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BONUS BLOG: A Front Line Perspective

March 19, 2020

From some United Methodist friends in Georgia —

QUOTING: We are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic in North Georgia and bring a unique perspective. Jennifer is a Pulmonologist with Harbin Clinic in Rome and has been treating COVID-19 positive patients at the two hospitals in Floyd County for the past three weeks. Chris is a chaplain at Floyd Medical Center and has been ministering to staff and patients since the outbreak began.

We have been asked publicly and privately for the past few weeks if coronavirus is as serious as people were hearing. YES. IT. IS. We are relieved at the actions to close schools, cancel events, and shift worship to online. While inconvenient and frustrating, these steps were necessary. If anything, they were probably several days late. If you are not already familiar with “flattening the curve,” please Google it. When battling infections disease, this flattening is crucial in keeping the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Each community only has so many pulmonologists, ventilators (life support), critical care nurses, and negative pressure rooms. Please remember that the medical teams are treating all the “normal” patients AND dealing with a pandemic. While the COVID-19 outbreak became real for most of you in the last few days, the hospitals have already been sprinting for the past two weeks. Staff are already stressed and have been working tirelessly with the highest level of infectious disease protocols in place to care for all their patients.

How can you and your congregations do your part in your communities?


Hit that link. Please.

And as I’ve said elsewhere, “Pray and take action.” Even/Especially if that action, like self-quarantine, helps others as well as yourself.

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