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Yes, We Do Need to Ask Ourselves

February 26, 2020

Margurette Carter is someone you’d love as much as the rest of us do if you met her. Being appointed to the church where she is active was an honor and a joy that increased the better I got to know her.  She’s an educator in every sense of that word, and the rest of us can learn a lot from her.

She recently wrote this, and has graciously given me permission to share it with you here .The “Paula” cited by Marguette is Rev. Paula Wallace, the current pastor of The First United Methodist Church of Rantoul, whom I cherish as both a colleague and friend —

I am watching the Jackie Robinson story and the scene where everyone is using the “N” word and a little boy is looking around quite puzzled. He then started to yell the same thing not understanding what it meant.

Our children are watching and listening to what we say. You might think they are too young, however, we each leave impressions.

My prayer is that when we are called to meet our maker, he will say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

We can’t hide behind saying we read our Bibles. The question we each must answer is do we live what we read in our Bibles?

I have come to the conclusion that acceptance of change is hard and it saddens me that there are those who will never accept it.

Pastor Paula defined the word Fair as “providing individuals what they need to be successful in life.” I like that definition because we all know life isn’t fair.

However, sometimes we forget that life is more unfair for many.

Step out of your comfort zone this month and watch or watch again a historical black movie, read a book, put yourself not in a black person shoes, but in the shoes that Jesus talks about in Scripture.

In another scene Robinson says to the pitcher, “Give me something I can hit, what are you afraid of?” He hit a home run.

Do we need to ask ourselves that question?

Thank you, Margurette and Paula.

Goooood stuff. Serious considerations. 

Join the rest of us in re-reading and giving prayerful, thoughtful answers to these questions. 

And then let’s find tangible ways to live what we read in our Bibles.


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