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Too Much Potential

January 29, 2020

Rev. John T. Vidakovich is the kind of friend we could all use more of.

Johnny Vee, as we call him in our home, is someone with whom there never seems to be enough time to tell all the stories, share all the laughs, commiserate, prop each other up…you get the idea.

I hope you have at least one someone like Johnny Vee in your life.

Count her/him/them among your blessings; I sure do.

Johnny Vee and I met for breakfast yesterday.

In the midst of our usual non-stop talking and our accompanying antics, he mentioned a situation we both know about.

Speaking of one of the players in the real life drama, he quoted a line from legendary NFL Coach Bum Phillips: “Potential means you ain’t done it yet.”

A quick click reveals that’s a line attributed to the likes of Darrell Royal, but I’m sticking with Coach Phillips through Johnny Vee as my source. Whoever said it, they’re right: “Potential means you ain’t done it yet.”

How many opportunities have you and I squandered because we were too preoccupied with our potential?

Whoever knows the right thing to do

and fails to do it,

for them it is sin.

James 4:17

I don’t think that verse is kidding.

Comes a time to get busy doing what our Lord has been calling us to do.

Let’s go.



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