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A Very Important Person

August 28, 2019

Patty and I frequently point out to one another that many, if not most, of the “big names” in whatever arena tend to behave a certain way and have certain characteristics.

An online friend named John recently wrote this about a certain classic rock star, who oddly enough has the same birthday as my dad —

“I went to the Bill German talk at the NYC library. Fantastic, amazing and insightful. I was just a bit apprehensive, what if Keith [Richards] isn’t exactly as I imagine?

“One of the stories Bill told was walking with Keith late one night at the Stones office in NYC. As the 2 of them wait for the elevator up walks the janitor.

“Keith looks at him and says ‘Pablo, correct? Didn’t your daughter just start school? Political science, I believe?'”

— Hold that image of that behavior a moment.

My dad, who oddly enough had the same birthday as Keith Richards, loved to tell a story about a Final Exam in a business course. It’s a classic story, maybe legendary or even apocryphal. He’d usually tell it while he was driving me someplace. 

The story simply goes that the last question on the Final was, “What’s the name of the custodian who comes in to clean our classroom as we’re leaving?”

My dad would turn and look at me for emphasis as he’d say, “Everybody’s important. Everybody.”

Keith and my dad had more in common that just birthdays.

See you back here tomorrow. Meanwhile, how many Very Important People will you encounter?


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