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“My Son’s & My Daughter’s Positive Influence on Me” — Father’s Day Week, part 5

June 20, 2019

Dan Powers is a friend, a colleague, and a fellow retiree who’s also kinda-not-your-usual-retired-pastor. He wrote this last Thursday, and has graciously given me his expressed permission to share it with you here as we continue to celebrate Father’s Day this week —

“No doubt about it: children are a gift from the Lord;

the fruit of the womb is a divine reward.”

(Psalm 127:3 CEB)

I wasn’t a hockey fan growing up. How could I be? St. Louis never even had a team until I graduated from high school. What’s more, unlike other sports, (basketball, baseball, football) which I could play myself, I couldn’t even skate! The one or two times we took a Youth Group to an ice rink, I had trouble standing up. My ankles kept buckling one way or the other. So needless to say, I hardly ever followed the Blues. I heard about them on the local news’ sports report, but I never paid a lot of attention.

All that is to explain that my very real excitement at last night’s Stanley Cup victory by the Blues is due totally to my son! That’s because years ago, no thanks to his father, Steve became a huge Blues fan. And he has remained so ever since, sticking with them through 40 plus years of hoping someday they would win the Stanley Cup. Last night they did!! Obviously, he was overjoyed. But so was I, because in those intervening years his excitement for the Blues finally made me a fan, too. (Not as big a fan as I am of the Cardinals, but still a fan.)

All of which proves that it is not only fathers who can have an influence on our children; they also can have a real influence on us their parents. I have found it true, not only with hockey but all of life. Because of my son’s and my daughter’s positive influence on me over the years, I am a better father, Christian, and man! I thank them for that. As Father’s Day fast approaches, I hope you will yours, too.

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