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The Days of the Mainline Church and More

May 25, 2019

Bill Easum is a legend among church leaders for many reasons.

He recently wrote this, and I’d love to know your response —

Yesterday I turned 80. Never dreamed of getting old.

Thought I would stay young forever.

Someone asked me “looking back what is your greatest learning. “ I replied “I’ve never been one to look back.

“But if you want to know what I see going forward it’s this “my two greatest realizations are: one, the days of the mainline church are over.

And two, socialism is rearing it’s ugly, dastardly, sinful, mean spirited, life sucking, lack of incentive head in America.”

Moving forward I worry about America becoming a third world country.

And so: whaddya say to either of his “two greatest realizations” going forward?

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  1. John Hartleroad permalink

    My initial thought was his remarks are proof that wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age. But my more reasoned assessment is that Jesus is winning!


  2. Karen permalink

    Yup bout sums it up. Now what do we do bout it?


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