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May 22, 2019

Having gifts that differ

according to the grace given to us,

let us use them.

— Romans 12:6

Ted Anderson has taught me a lot, and mixed in there are a lot of songs.

Ted’s a former District Superintendent in his Conference of The United Methodist Church. Once upon a time he and I repeatedly roomed together while doing youth ministry at various levels around our country. It was my honor to be part of his Conference’s youth ministry for 11 years as what we’d now call a Consultant.

Ted, his wife Mary, and their family: great people; wish I could introduce you to them!

One of my favorite “Ted Songs” went like this…but I’m leaving out the clap clap clap and repeat parts —

You be you

You, You, be you



Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

God loves us

and we love God

God wants us to be ourselves

And live in community

— If only.

Romans 12:6…apply as needed…don’t rinse…reapply as needed.


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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    What tune do you use to sing this song? Can I share it with our youth. We are trying to start a youth choir and looking for children’s songs.


    • Thanks for asking, Naomi! It’s all original, but easy to learn. Let’s text or message or GASP even talk on our phones and see about getting together. You and they are gonna love this! Hit me up backchannel and let’s get going.


  2. Ted and Teo brings back great memories.


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