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BONUS BLOG: From Milford’s Prayer Book

May 16, 2019

Milford Gibbs. We met in seminary. Best Man when Patty and I got married.

He and Nancy, his wife, came to our 21st Anniversary Vow Renewal last August. His health hadn’t been the best for quite a while; that trip couldn’t have been easy.

Visited him in a rehab/nursing facility shortly after that. Talked about everything and nothing and made plans for the next time: Patty and me and Nancy and him and we’d be at their home. He detailed what all he was going to fix as a special dinner.

He had a well-worn book with a blue cover on his bedside table. I recognized it immediately: A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants. We talked about it, about the subsequent volumes in that series, and their impact.

Not too long after that, I texted him for advice on a situation. He offered great ideas and asked good questions in response. There’s even a significant typo in his text; ask me about that sometime.

The very next day I heard from Nancy. Milford had died, or as Nancy said, “he went to be with Jesus.”

His funeral was packed with people of all ages and stages of life, and filled with tears of both laughter and grief.

You would have loved Milford like the rest of us did.

What I now think of as “the book Milford and I share” has this prayer in it, from the Beech Grove Benedictine Community —

O Lord, you know me.

You know when I sit and when I stand.

You have me always present in your mind.

For this, Lord, I thank you.

You know the path for my life and what is best for me.

Lord, reveal to me the path I am to walk.

Bless and guide me and be Lord to me, so that whichever road I take I may do all for your glory. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

— It’s titled “Vocation Prayer.”

Join Milford and me in praying it.

And by the grace of God, let’s live into it.





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  1. Christine Sarah Lippert permalink

    Thank you for sharing!


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