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“Where are We Headed?” — Not Just For United Methodists Only

May 7, 2019

Bishop Frank J. Beard of our Illinois Great Rivers Conference of The United Methodist Church writes the following; the highlights are mine —

‘Where are we headed?’ The United Methodist Church, according to some, is a denomination with a clouded future. The recently concluded 2019 General Conference did very little to ease the tension and anxiety within our family. Folks on all sides of the theological spectrum are wondering what the future holds for the people called “United Methodist.” One thing is certain, we are clearly not united around issues of ministry as it relates to our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers.

I have heard frustrated laity and clergy, from across the denomination say, “this is not the church I signed up for.” Angst and frustration abound. Well-meaning Christians continue to, like conjoined twins in a fist fight, hurt our own body. Where are we headed?

God is NOT the author of confusion. At least that is what I have been told. Yet, I am aware that God will allow us to wander around in our own wilderness circles when we fail to follow the path that God lays out for us. God is never content with us calling the shots and asking God to bless our directives. God wants us to trust and obey the plans of God, walking in step with Jesus, the Lord of the Church, assisted by the directives and power of the Holy Spirit.

— There’s more. But we’ll get there tomorrow.

Lots right here to chew on, discuss, and pray about.

Not necessarily in that order, either.

See you tomorrow with more from Bishop Beard.






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  1. Christine Sarah Lippert permalink

    Taking my Methodist 101 course on the UMC site last night ~we are still marketing to youth and young adults with “open doors, open hearts, open minds”…..not so much. The presentation was from 2006 and has not been updated. It preaches beliefs that were not endorsed in STL>


    • Right you are. I’ve gone to several our deonominational sites since Feb 2019 and flinched, balked, and uhm yeah…the words and the music don’t always seem to go toghether….


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