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Vince’s Eulogy

April 25, 2019

Vince Lammert‘s service was two weeks ago today, and there was Standing Room Only.

There was much laughter. There were even more tears. 

It was my honor to be a part of that service, the highlight of which was Jennifer Kaplan‘s eulogy. It’s with her gracious permission that I share it with you here today — 

What do you say about someone at their funeral? How do you sum up a lifetime of dedication to family and community service? You can’t sum it up.

I could say all of the good things about Vince, but in order to fully understand just how good of a person he really was, you’d have to know him and experience life next to him for yourself. Many of us in this room have experienced this.

Many of you do know just how good he was. Vince saved the lives of so many that were not near as “good” as he was. He showed others that they could still survive even through the worst of tragedies. He saved lives!! This gave his life and his soul great purpose.

He made the best use of all of his abilities in order to serve others. Vince didn’t discriminate when it came to helping others. He just did it as though he wanted to do it… because he was so good.

Vince was loving. He would try to outdo his last surprise for my mom every time any special occasion came around. She was pampered with an array of thoughtful gifts ranging from special songs with coordinating shoes, to perfect dinners either homemade or at her favorite restaurant.

He would call my sister and me for help with his ideas sometimes and other times he would surprise us as much as he surprised mom with them.

With Vince, all gifts came with thought. Deep, meaningful, impacting thought. Like I said, Vince was good. Not just good, but also a hero. A hero to my mother, his family, and everyone here today.

When I think of Vince, I think of his appreciation for others. He was always easy to talk to and could get along with any person. Adaptable would be an understatement.

When life got tough, he got tougher. He always knew what to do. He ALWAYS knew what to do and responded quickly with action. He even knew what to do during any of my mom’s quirky incidences. Just like that time she got a catfish stuck to her belly. He was the yin to my mom’s yang.

As long as he was able to perform his daily morning routine, which consisted of expeditiously completing all of the stubborn puzzles from the morning newspaper, drinking a pot of coffee, playing a round of Angry Birds, tidying up the lawn, planning a project,and then taking a shower, Vince could then wake up my mom around 7am and begin his day and tackle that project he planned.

I hope I’ve been able to paint an accurate picture of Vince and help you to find a little something to smile about from him, as I know he always wanted people to smile. He wouldn’t ask you to smile, he wouldn’t expect you to smile, he would just do what he does, and in that, none of us could help but to smile. He was just that good. That’s what let’s us know Vince was truly someone special.

From gardening and cooking, to fishing and being a hero, Vince was gifted. Not only was he gifted, he was a gift to all of us.

We will always carry with us a tremendous amount of incredible memories of Vince and we will always be comforted by the tremendous joy and fulfillment that he brought to each one of our lives.



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