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The Program is in The Book

February 24, 2019

See if this sounds as familiar to you as it does to me.

“The program is in the book plain and simple,” writes Olivia Pennelle.

She’s discussing The Big Book, a foundational part of the Recovery movement. But doesn’t it sound like her topic might be our Bibles? God’s grace as manifest best in Christ Jesus, as found in Scripture, “is in the book plain and simple.”

Then she writes, “Unfortunately alcoholics and addicts always think we can find a better easier way.” Ouch. She could also be addressing a situation in our churches, our small groups, and even our faith in its broadest sense. God has a good idea but too often but we think we can improve on it.

Ms. Pennelle points out the consequence: “The success rates have dropped over the years.” Again, ouch.

She concludes, “I personally was fortunate to find a sponsor who walked me through the program as it was written not as he seemed fit to teach it.” Aha! There’s the key, isn’t it?

(She goes on to describe other recovery methods; to read more

So. Where does this leave us today?

Some of us can easily get carried with our own stuff and wind up in the weeds. Or worse: If anyone causes one of these who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Jesus said that in Matthew 18:6.

I hope and pray that we’re trying to both follow and share the Gospel in its intricate simplicity! After all, “The program is in the book plain and simple.”

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