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“You Made Me” — part 2.

December 8, 2018

[Quick Review: yesterday we enjoyed “Art Appreciation.” It’s a poem by Joy Morgan Davis, which was shared with you and me by Patti. If that’s not sounding familiar, scroll on down to yesterday’s and scoot right on back up.]

A couple of people recognized that poem about being a “crazy-quilt” and its source, Women’s Devotional Bible 2. Again, I thank Patti for sharing it with me; that’s an edition of the Bible I don’t gravitate toward regularly.

And that image of God as Quilter…! Yes. Yes. A thousand times Yes.

I especially appreciate it after four decades pastoring churches and knowing a wide variety of quilters.

I have deep gratitude to, and for, all the quilters with whom I’ve shared coffee and conversation and well, yeah, with whom I’ve shared life.

God still uses family and friends and the quilters all around us. Some of those quilters put giant pieces of cloth into frames and take scraps and seemingly mis-matched shapes and colors and patterns, and do amazing things. They produce beauty.

Some quilters put our lives into fresh perspective and take the pieces we don’t understand or know what to do with, and do amazing things. They help us produce beauty.

Some of those quilters are men, some are women. Some of those quilters are older, some are younger.

Thanks be unto The Quilter for the quilters!


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