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Are You That Someone?

December 6, 2018

Happened this week.

Tuesday evening it happened to Mark Doane. It’s with his graciously expressed permission that I can tell you this story.

The Rivers of Life Clergy Band had finished our sound check for a Christmas Concert in greater metropolitan Quincy, Illinois. Mark took advantage of the moment and went outside the church building to get something he’d left in his van.

The church’s office manager had come by the sanctuary earlier to tell us she was leaving for the day, was locking the doors behind her, and that people would be arriving in about half an hour to set up for the pre-concert Banquet.

And right there you can see what’s coming.

None of us did.

We were talking and making last minutes adjustments to our instruments and equipment and such, when our lead singer’s phone buzzed. As he hurried to the side door of the sanctuary, he shouted back at us, over his shoulder, the text message he’d just received from Mark:

Would someone come and let me in please.

Question: how many people have asked the same thing of us and our churches this week, but we’ve not responded?

I’m afraid that it happened to more people, and in more ways, than we know.

We have massive room for improvement.

What’s one thing you and I can do this week, and even today, to be that someone who will come and let [them] in?

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