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When Did It Stop?

December 3, 2018

It had stopped, but I hadn’t noticed.

When I did, it was the silence that caught my attention.

In the corner of our dining room is what we used to call a Grandfather Clock before that name was seen as sexist. Now it’s officially known as a longcase clock, or a tall-case clock, or the name that makes the most sense to me a “floor clock.” It was an amazingly gracious going away gift from a church upon my being appointed to another church. (Couple of great stories in there.)

This clock announces the time at the top of the hour and every 15 minutes in between then and next hour. It’s been a part of my life for so long I sometimes don’t consciously hear it.

So it was that it came as a surprise to see the three pendulums all the way at the bottom of the glass front of the clock.

Opening the case and carefully winding it, I wondered when the clock had stopped.

You and I can let that same thing happen to our spiritual lives. We neglect a discipline here, let a moment pass there, get too busy to take care of what we promised to do, and hey they’re all just little things, how much difference can they make?

Until there’s an echoing emptiness in our souls.

Then we notice.

What, in effect, winds up and empowers your faith?

What seemingly little things have you been neglecting?

We’ve zoomed past Thanksgiving and are into the first full week of Advent. We’re busier than we thought we’d be.

Maybe we need to start with stopping.

Stopping and remembering to “Be still, and know that [God is] God.” (Psalm 46:10).

That admonition to “Be still” offers a different silence than a stopped floor clock.

Maybe it’s not at admonition at all.

Maybe it’s an invitation to us today, this week, this season.

Let’s find out.

Let’s take time today to “Be still, and know that [God is] God.”

What do you notice in that silence?



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