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For Lids

November 28, 2018

Today I’m thankful for lids.

The kind that fit onto the tops of cups and mugs and glasses.

Sippy Cups come this way and help infants and toddlers and children to not make a huge mess if they spill.

Sippy Cups also come this way for adults and help us not make a huge mess when we spill.

Today I’m thankful for lids on my coffee mugs.

And I’m wondering where to find a comparable help in avoiding messes I make when my words spill out.

Then I remember things like —

Do not slander. (James 4:11).

Do not complain. (James 5:9).

Do not make wild promises; just let your yes is to be yes, and your no be no. (James 5:12).

—all of which is prefaced by this mic drop line —

If you think you’re making progress and growing as a Christian but cannot control what you say, it’s all worthless. (James 1:26) 

— Boom.

God help us.

See why I’m thankful for lids?

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