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For Ordinary Days

November 22, 2018

Nina Morewell is a friend in real life who recently wrote that that she is Thankful for ordinary days. Amen, anybody else?

As if that weren’t enough, she continued,

I realize that my ordinary days would be quite luxurious to most of the world’s people. Amen again, right?

She concluded,

A dear friend once noted, when disaster strikes, what we pray for is the return of “ordinary.” Amen and yeah and wow!

My hope and prayer for you on this Thanksgiving Day is that Nina’s words will be a helpful reminder.

Let’s take time today to count our blessings.

Let’s even go so far as to “name them, one by one,” like an old song says.

With gratitude to Nina, let’s start with being especially “thankful for ordinary days.”

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