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For Those Who Clean Up After

November 21, 2018

George is great, George is good, but George is not the end of the story.

(If that makes no sense to you, scroll down and read my yesterday blog. Then come on back.)

The service is over. The meeting’s over. The meal and the program are over. Whatever it was, it’s now in the past.

Some are already pulling out of the parking lot. Some are still on the lot, jiggling keys and grinning while listening to a great story.

And someone’s still inside, picking up now-useless papers to recycle and checking the thermostat and lights and restrooms.

Maybe they’re folding up and putting away the chairs George set up several hours ago.

Maybe they’re taking one last glance around the kitchen. There’s that glass he set down and walked away from. Grabbing it, washing and drying it, putting it in the cabinet, and wondering, “Who picks up after him at home?”

One quick trip through the building again, checking lights and restrooms. After all, there was that time somebody had hidden in the men’s room at The Baptist Church and then vandalized the place in the middle of the night. Can’t be too careful.

Doors locked? Rattle them just to be sure.

Today I’m thankful for all those, and there have been many, who have cleaned up after.

If you are one, the rest of us thank you.

If you know someone who does this, please thank them.

See you back here tomorrow.

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