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For Those Who Set Up

November 20, 2018

Fred Craddock’s one of my heroes.

He said it’s important to remember that St. Paul’s opening and closing comments to his New Testament letters were about real people.

Real people who had done real things to help him in his ministry.

Then Fred named some real people in his own life who had helped him with his own ministry.

“You know, people like George. George always helped set up those metal folding chairs in the Fellowship Hall.”

He named several others, but George has stuck with me in my ministry.

The George I knew in one church always got the coffee maker going before anybody else got there. If you didn’t want coffee, he had water boiling for your tea. If you wanted iced tea, he’d smile and go to the church kitchen and come right back with a large glass of it and ask, “Sugar? Sweetener? Lemon?”

In another place, George arrived early to check the furnace or the air conditioner. “If they’re too hot, they’ll get sleepy, even with everything you got going on up there, Preacher!” And later in the year, “If they’re too cold, that’s all they’re gonna think about, and that’s not why we’re here.”

In yet another place, George was a woman in her seventies who re-folded the bulletins; I have no idea how early she got there, and neither did anybody else. “See this edge? Not even. Not straight. Not right. This is important. Says how important we think God and people are. Gotta be right. Gotta show respect.”

Today I’m thankful for all the Georges and all the set-up they do.

Who has done set-up work for you today? Tell her or him how much you appreciate them.

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