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For Friends Who Correct Me

November 8, 2018

Gary Feldman is a colleague and real life friend; in fact, we go back farther than we’ll either one admit.

Today I’m thankful for friends who correct me when I’m wrong. They’ve often had a lot to straighten out in my lifetime! Here’s one recent example:

Yesterday I posted a brilliant letter in this space and attributed it to C.S. Lewis.

Gary contacted me last night with this, and it’s with his gracious permission that I share it with you —

It’s actually not a quote from Screwtape or Lewis, but someone’s attempt to sound like Lewis. See this post:

What Screwtape Actually Said About Politics – The Wardrobe Door

With this election, it’s no surprise a fake quote from “The Screwtape Letters” began circulating among Christians on social media.

I liked what you posted and wanted to find the context for it and that’s what I found.

— Again, thank you, Gary!

Today I’m thankful for friends like Gary who correct me, and I apologize to you for not sourcing that letter myself.

Hope to see you back here tomorrow.



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