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Not Only for United Methodist Christians

October 29, 2018

John Vidakovich is a colleague and long-time, close friend in real life. He recently shared a bold graphic of “Either/Or” and said he fears that’s the direction our United Methodist denomination is going.

Among the responses, including my own sad-faced agreement, was this from Mike Rayson, also a colleague and friend in real life, and it’s with his expressed and  gracious permission that I share it with you here —

It’s like we are a mirror held up to the political landscape in this country.

Last night myself, Bob Phillips and Bishop Lewis sat on a panel together taking questions from an audience of people at Main St UMC in Alton. Each of us had different viewpoints.

Bob, as a leader in the Wesleyan Covenant Association,  has a defined viewpoint in regards to the traditional model; Bishop Lewis believes that nothing will happen at 2019 General Conference (or if something does get passed, it will look very different to any of the three plans); and I’m supporting the One Church model.

Our conversation was cordial, grace filled and very pleasant. If only others in the church would commit to the principals of Holy Conferencing, we would be in a much better place.

Mercy. And Amen.

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