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Expect Better

October 8, 2018

Lauren Padgett is a real life friend and colleague, and it’s with her gracious permission that I share with you here something she recently wrote

There has been much on my heart and in my mind and soul for quite some time now. I feel the urge to share because some of you may have similar experiences.

In light of so many of the current climate in politics regarding women, regarding children, regarding immigrants, regarding differences, regarding my own denomination of The United Methodist Church, not only am I tired of all that divides – I expect better.

I expect better because I was taught to believe and work for something better.

I expect better because I want to be a part of something that matters.

I expect better because others deserve hope and a better way of life.

I expect better because I want my grandson to have better and be proud of what he takes part.

I expect better because I believe in a Creator who has compelled me and others to strive to work for a Just Day and a Just Tomorrow for all of Creation, not just cisgendered-white American born men.

I expect better than 27 years ago with Thomas-Hill.

I expect better than schism over slavery, Central Conferences, and volcanic fissures of Colonialism, power and greed that still seem to be ignored for the sake of the “gospel message.”

I expect better when we talk about the all powerful inclusive love of God that transforms lives and hearts. Lord God, may I be one transformed.

I expect better.

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