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What It’s Not About

September 15, 2018

[QUICK REVIEW: “It’s not about what it’s not about” is a line from the keynote speaker at a banquet on Thursday night where The Rivers of Life Clergy Band played. If that’s not sounding familiar, bounce to yesterday’s blog here, read that, and come on back.]

Looking beneath, behind, and beyond what’s flashy and grabbing our attention can help us live in terms of the biggest picture possible: “One thing: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, press on toward the goal to win the prize of God’s heavenly calling in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13, 14)

From time to time, stop and remind yourself that much of what is presented to us, much of what we do, and many places we expend our energy and our resources, are all “not about what [they’re] not about.”

Or, as Sting sang years ago —

There is a deeper world than this that you don’t understand
There is a deeper world that this tugging at your hand
Every ripple on the ocean
Every leaf on every tree
Every sand dune in the desert
Every power we never see
There is a deeper wave than this, swelling in the world

Feel it rising in the cities
Feel it sweeping overland
Over borders, over frontiers
Nothing will its power withstand
There is no deeper wave than this rising in the world

— “It’s not about what it’s not about.”

Let’s help each other remember that.




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