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The Ocean

September 13, 2018

William Boyd Grove is a Bishop in our denomination. I’ve mentioned him here before, and I’ve quoted him here before. (Sometime have me tell you how we met…breakfast with him for a week…but there’s way more to the story.)

It’s with his expressed gracious permission that I share with you now a poem he wrote very recently, as we all watch the approach of Florence —

THE OCEAN Mark 4:35-41
Just weeks ago
an old man and a child
raced on the beach.
It was fun and we were happy
as the gentle waves tickled our toes.

Today, that same ocean is wild
and we are grateful to be far away,
while our hearts ache
for those close to the beach
trying to flee.

Ocean, why are you so angry?
What made you so mad?
Yesterday, you were our friend;
but not today. We are afraid of you!
Stay away from us!

Long years ago, in Galilee,
Jesus quieted a storm.
It was just a lake,
nothing like the wild Atlantic.
But the waves were high and the winds were strong!
And his friends were afraid, as we are.

“Peace, be still, “ he said.
And the waters grew quiet.
And the winds stopped blowing,
and the fear in his friends was gone.
To which storm was he speaking?
The storm outside, or the storm inside?
Speak again, Lord so that our hearts can hear you. “Peace, be still.”


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