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Charlie Woodford. For Some of Us, That Name Speaks Volumes.

September 5, 2018

Charlie Woodford’s service was yesterday morning.

If you didn’t know him, treat yourself and hit this link right now and then come on back—

— It’s with gratitude to his family and our church’s Directing Pastor, Rev. Harvey Gaither, that I say how honored I was to be involved yesterday morning’s celebration of his life on both sides of eternity.

AND, I rode in the front passenger seat of the hearse as we drove into the BTHS East stadium and drove around the track. The marching band played, and they literally cheered “C! H! A! R! L! I! E!”

Check out this video —

In the course of the service, I said that when I was in UMYF at this church, he was one of the adults who worked with us high school students. We admired Charlie, and he inspired us.

When I was preaching at this church in May of this year, Charlie had graciously agreed to give his testimony as part of my sermon. He told about how God answers prayer; it was a story involving Parker, his dog. We all admired Charlie, and he inspired us.

This past week I was at St. Louis Bread Co., reading Charlie’s obituary on my phone. Then I wasn’t…couldn’t see the letters on the screen because of my tears. I admired Charlie, and he inspired me.

If you knew him, you probably have a Charlie Story; I’d love to hear it, so please hit me up in any of the usual ways.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let’s remember Hebrews 12. Let’s be thankful for Charlie and all those others who have shared their lives and faith with us and greatly enriched us in the process.

PS: If you’ve read this far without hitting those two links, you’re cheating yourself. Scroll on back up and be amazed!


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