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Is The Bride of Christ Part of Generation Wealth?

August 26, 2018

“The pithiest scene in Lauren Greenfield’s new documentary, Generation Wealth, comes at the start,” wrote Anthony Lane in film review in the July 23, 2018 issue of “The New Yorker.”

He continued, “You could run it on a loop as a video installation, over and over, until its strange satirical bite becomes too painful to endure.

“All that we see is a young Chinese woman being schooled in etiquette; specifically, in the correct pronunciation of the words ‘Dolce e Gabbana.’

“Is this an Italian lesson, or part of an English class? Neither.

“What the pupil needs to learn is the dialect of a tribe.

Anthony Lane concludes, “She wants to speak fluent money.”

Quite some time ago Mr. Lane joined the group of what I consider excellent film reviewers. You know, right up there with the late Roger Ebert. This is but one example why I say that.

But what an example this line is: “She wants to speak fluent money.”

It could be said of The Bride of Christ.

You know, the Church.

Why, in fact, I know of an instance where —- ooops. Wait. That’s us. We are The Bride of Christ.

A friend in real life who’s a colleague was appointed not long ago to what many would characterize as a very nice church in a very bad neighborhood.

In meeting after meeting, the pastor heard faithful church members brag about the enormous amount of money they’d kept in reserve. A staggering amount of money, says this young pastor.

The recurrent phrase accompanying discussion of it was “we’re saving it for a rainy day”, which was usually followed by knowing nods and appreciative chuckles around the table.

For over a year the pastor heard this. For over a year the pastor worked in the grinding conditions of the neighborhood. For over a year the pastor heard of the glory days of the church, now long past. For over a year the pastor learned of the decades of dwindling of the church.

Then one evening the pastor carefully asked in an administrative meeting, “Have you looked around? It’s not just a rainy day, we’re in the middle of a monsoon.”

No heads nodded.

No self-congratulatory chuckles were heard.

It’s too early to tell what happens next. But there seems to be a shift from wanting “to speak fluent money” to wanting “to speak fluent mission.”

May faithful and effective action follow that fluency!





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