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Vowel Renewal

August 25, 2018

Today Patty and I are renewing our wedding vows.

I’d like to do this annually, but she says that’s overdoing things. (Imagine that! And, well, yeah, so?)

We renewed them once before in the middle of a trip on our tenth anniversary. Great story there; ask me about it sometime.

A very young fashion model turned photographer took amazing pictures of us for our fourteenth anniversary. Pretty much just because.

And so even though today’s not officially our anniversary, but since it works out better on the calendar today, we’re celebrating it with what I heard a seven year old call a Vowel Renewal. .

Looking back almost 21 years —



— And, together with this gift who is PattyWife, looking ahead!!!







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  1. Janet permalink

    You guys are so cute and and an inspiration.


  2. Dan permalink

    Wonderful celebration today for a wonderful couple!!


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