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Not Just for Retirees on a Friday

July 27, 2018

From where we were yesterday —

A favorite John Wesley story of mine says that he was walking along with a friend and talking. Walking and talking, imagine that; right away you know this is gonna be a favorite of mine.

The friend said he had some problems in his life that were causing him to doubt the goodness of God. Been there, haven’t you?

Mr. Wesley glanced over and saw a cow looking over a stone wall. He pointed to it and asked his friend, “Do you know why that cow is looking over the wall?”

Came the obvious if confused answer to this apparent non sequitur, “…No….”

“That cow is looking over the wall because she cannot see through it. That is what you must do with your wall of trouble—look over it and avoid it.”


A friend of mine let’s call Jack C. advises, “Where your attention goes, your energy flows.” I think John Wesley would agree.

Three Action Steps Today

Psalm 121 says, I will lift up my eyes to the hills, to where my help comes from, and my help comes from God. (Psalm 121) Let’s try doing that today.

And let’s follow Wesley’s advice about our own personal “wall of trouble” today: “look over it and avoid it.”

And let’s notice “where [our] attention goes” today. Because our resources and energy will follow.

Bottom Line

Are we looking at our problems or our Source of Help with those problems?

Foundationally, let’s start where [our] help comes from, which is from God today.

And yesterday.

And tomorrow.


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