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The Unseen Hand, by R. Paul Sims

July 11, 2018

On this date one month ago, Carol Sims spoke at the Celebration of Life for her father, The Reverend Dr. R. Paul Sims.

She was beyond good and way more than on point. Superlatives fail me; she was that outstanding.

She shared a poem Paul had written, in her words, “as a young man, minister, and teacher serving in missionary service in Japan way back in 1949.”

It’s with Carol’s gracious permission that I share it with you here —

They ask me, “How do you stand it,

                        So far from home; a stranger to man?”

            I smile as I give the answer,

                        I’m not a stranger to the Unseen Hand.”


Patience ebbs, longings come

                        As I labor in this foreign land;

            And then quietly, calmly, I feel a touch—

                        The touch of an Unseen Hand.


In darkest hours I plunge ahead,

                        Fearing neither cause nor man;

            Assured of safety on the path ahead—

                        Guided by the Unseen Hand.


Sweet is the peace, glorious the assurance,

                        As I firmly take my stand—

            To trust the future and the path of my life

                        To the power of the Unseen Hand.

— Amen?

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