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Dresden Then, Us Now

June 14, 2018

Bishop William Boyd Grove is a friend in real life. (Have me tell you sometime about a week of breakfasts with him before I had a clue who he was…hoooboy…..)

Yesterday he wrote this, and it’s with his expressed gracious permission that I share it with you here and now —

IN MY PRAYERS THIS MORNING, I reflected on the crying children and desperate grieving parents, being separated from each other by our government as Americans, without noticing, go about their day.

I remembered the early days of the Third Reich as Hitler’s agents rounded up Jews and dissenters and shipped them off to Dachau and Buchenwald, while German people went about their daily lives without noticing.

In 1986 a German Methodist stood with us in the street in Dresden, and suddenly broke into tears as he remembered. He said to us through his tears, “We are so ashamed!”

Who will weep thirty years from now as this brutality by our government is remembered?

Lord have mercy! Christ have mercy! Lord have mercy!

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