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Amen, Bishop

May 7, 2018

Last Thursday, Bishop Frank Beard (our own IL Great Rivers Conference Bishop, by the way) prayed at a meeting of our Council of Bishops.

Join him and the rest of us in this prayer —

Lord please listen to your children praying.

Hear us as we call upon you for guidance and direction.

You alone, O Lord, know the way through the wilderness. The way is littered with pitfalls, perils, hurts, and hurdles.

We need you to guide us, O thou great Jehovah, for we are pilgrims in this barren land.

We need you to help us navigate this path that is often cluttered with the debris and sin of racism.

Free us to challenge racism and bigotry, in all its current and emerging forms.

Reveal this sin to us and show us the places of darkness where racism seeks to hide.

Order our steps that they may move towards peace, unity, reconciliation, and community.

Give us courage to call out, curse, and challenge the evil of racism in order that it may be dismantled and fall powerless at the feet of the one who continues to pray that we shall be one.

In the name of the one who is the Prince of Peace and the Light that overcomes all darkness, Jesus, Our Lord. Amen.

— Amen, Bishop, amen.

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