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April 19, 2018

Naomi Davidson and I go back a long way. Longer than we’ll admit, because we’re not that old!

She was the District President of the United Methodist Women when I was a pastor in a nearby town several years ago. Our paths continued to cross at district and conference events.

Time went by, we lost touch with each other.

Time went by a bit more, and now I’m retired and on staff of a church part- time. My actual title is Visitation and Other Good Stuff.

It’s in that context that I was surprised to see a Naomi Davidson on my visitation list a couple of months ago. Turned out to be the same Naomi! We picked up our friendship right where we’d left off decades ago.

This past Sunday her health was good enough that she could attend worship. In a conversation after that service, she graciously gave me permission to share a memory and some commentary of hers with you —

Years ago Naomi was the guest speaker at an event where a group sang Great is Thy Faithfulness. That was our closing hymn this week. She told me, “That song, and that chorus, and what it says, I’ve hung onto that and still do.

“Here’s why: ‘all I have needed, thy hand hath provided.”

“That’s what it says.

“That’s what we sing, ‘all I have needed.’

“It doesn’t say ‘all I have wanted.’ But ‘all I have needed?’ That’s what God provides.

“All. I. Have. Needed.”

— Amen, Naomi, and thank you.

I needed that reminder.

Maybe you need that, too.

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