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Tax Advice

April 15, 2018

My mom and I lived with my grandparents when I was in second grade, and I learned a lot just overhearing conversations.

When people would complain about having to pay taxes, one of my grandfather’s favorite pieces of advice was succinct: “Be glad you earned enough to even have to pay those taxes.”

Seems to dovetail nicely with this —

The Pharisees plotted a way to trap Christ Jesus

into saying something damaging.

“Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?”

He answered, ” Do you have a coin? Let me see it.”

They handed him a silver piece.

He held it up to them, asking,

“This engraving—who does it look like?

And whose name is on it?”

They said, “Caesar.”

“Then give Caesar what is his,

and give God what is his.”

The Pharisees were speechless. They went off shaking their heads.

Matthew 22

Here’s a good idea: let’s remember what both Jesus and my grandfather said about paying taxes.

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