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Easter is This and Pentecost is That

April 14, 2018

Lawson Stone is a real life friend who’s an Old Testament seminary professor. He recently wrote this, and it’s with his gracious permission that I share this with you —

We are on a 50 day journey from Easter to Pentecost:

Easter is light; Pentecost is Fire.

Easter fulfills the departure from Egypt; Pentecost fulfills the glory descending into the Tabernacle.

Easter commemorates a historical event; Pentecost points to a personal event.

Easter is the Victory of the Son; Pentecost is the Victory of the Spirit.

Easter is the triumph over death; Pentecost is the triumphant Life.

Easter is the Resurrection working in Jesus; Pentecost is the Resurrection turned loose in the church.

At Easter, God SHOWS his Power; at Pentecost, God SHARES his Power.

Easter proclaims an objective miracle; Pentecost promises a subjective miracle.

Easter secures our Redemption; Pentecost effects our Transformation.

Easter makes us WITNESSES; Pentecost makes us EVIDENCE.


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