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One Week Later

April 8, 2018

[With gratitude to David Bryan, super friend in college and now a United Methodist colleague, who first turned me onto A. W. Tozer, it’s my joy to share this with you. Yes, this is from the mid-20th century and sounds like it…but move beyond the How to the What that Tozer’s saying here  — ]

Do we really believe that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is something more than making us the “happiest fellows in the Easter parade”?

Are we just to listen to the bright cantata and join in singing, “Up from the Grave He Arose,” smell the flowers and go home and forget it?

No, certainly not! It is truth and a promise with a specific moral application.

The resurrection certainly commands us with all the authority of sovereign obligation-the missionary obligation!

I cannot give in to the devil’s principal deceitful tactic which makes so many Christians satisfied with an “Easter celebration” instead of experiencing the power of Christ’s resurrection.

It is the devil’s business to keep Christians mourning and weeping with pity beside the cross instead of demonstrating that Jesus Christ is risen, indeed.

When will the Christian church rise up, depending on His promise and power, and get on the offensive for the risen and ascended Savior?

— A. W. Tozer, Sermon: Easter and Missions

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  1. David Bryan permalink

    Joseph Scheets, good quote. You deliver good memories. Thoughts and memories takes me to time and place where fundamental ideas were chiseled out of the stone of ignorance, when books and people helped defined the image of what was to believed and a friend who dressed those ideas with color, sophistication and joy.

    Joseph, you are a friend; forever linked to my thoughts, life-shaping experiences and dear friend to my heart.

    Great to hear from you, Joseph.

    Not sure about this form of communication, but hope this gets to you.


    • YOU, Sir, you are the true friend. Influenced me waaay more than either of us could have known back then. Very thankful for you and for being able to connect like this. And we gotta get together, ya know, in real life not just online. Seriously.


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