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“Lent Puzzles Me Every Year”

February 27, 2018

Our big leather book, a/k/a The Bible, has Jesus telling us in Matthew 6 to practice our piety in secret. But we started Lent almost two weeks ago on Ash Wednesday by parading around with giant crosses temporarily tattooed onto our foreheads. Sounds contradictory.

“I experience this liturgical season (of Lent) as a theological riddle that puzzles me every year.” Mary Lou Redding admits that in Disciplines 2018, page 70, and she speaks for many of us.

Boy oh boy and other expletives, does she ever!

Some of us make a big deal out of what we’re “giving up for Lent” and manage to work it into conversation whenever possible. So is Lent about what we’re NOT doing?  Sounds way more re-active than pro-active, and I thought Christians were to be the latter.

Regardless of whether it’s about what we’re doing or not doing, the camera sure feels aimed at us rather than God or someone we might be helping.

Maybe that focus on us is so bothersome because we don’t want people to see that we’re not really changing anything at all this Lenten season.

You and I may experience this liturgical season (of Lent) as a theological riddle that puzzles us as it does Ms. Redding, but sometimes Lent even goes so far as to make us more than a little uncomfortable.

Is that part of it?

See you back here tomorrow. Let’s keep thinking together about this.




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