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Outward/Inward Rage? Same Pain.

February 23, 2018

Robert Morwell is a friend IRL and a United Methodist activist pastor in our Conference (and he happens to be married to the sister of a very close friend of mine from like 4th grade onward, but that’s another story for another time). He wrote this yesterday, and it’s with his gracious permission that I share it with you here —

I noted in messages on Sunday and Wednesday that the loneliness, despair, and alienation which drives the suicide rate and the opioid epidemic (which kills ten times as many people as died in the Parkland Massacre, every day) is essentially the same as what drives the mass shooting phenomenon.

The difference is where they point their rage.

If it goes outward, it manifests itself in murderous violence.

If it goes inward, it expresses itself in suicide or drug addiction.

This is a spiritual and existential crisis that must be addressed.

So well said, Sir. 

Join him and the rest of us in both praying and working for good in the world for which, according to John 3:16,  Christ Jesus died.

And let’s be cautious with quick and easy answers for things that are incredibly complex. 

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