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Listen Up, Church

February 10, 2018

Three actual comments from three very real people engaged in a recent social media conversation —

“I call it ‘church.’ It’s kind of the cult mentality, but I’ve never been in a community as diverse and inclusive as my  gym.”

“Definitely describes my exercise class! We go out for coffee afterwards, accept everyone in every shape, always invite newcomers to join us, take one another to appointments, worry when someone’s sick and don’t engage in backbiting. I challenge you to put your church up against this group.”

“I’ve been working out here for almost 7 years and have trying to find ways to say this. Throughout those 7 years, my gym family has always been supportive, pushing me to try new things, be the best me I can be, and welcoming of anyone who wants to be a part to their group… which is more than I can say for the churches I have been a part of.“

—- Are we listening to what these three are saying?

Somewhere in the background there’s a soundtrack playing. It’s an old song that reminds us, “I am the church; you are the church; we are the church together.”

These three are talking about us. You. Me. Us. 

In light of what these three are saying, what’s one thing we can do differently this weekend? 

As always, I love hearing from you and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.


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