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The Lord Told Me to Tell You

January 26, 2018

“It always give me pause when someone begins a conversation with, ‘The Lord told me to tell you….’  More often than not, the speaker follows the statement with a criticism or complaint disguised as ‘a word from the Lord.'”

So writes Scot P. McClymont on page 39 of Disciplines 2018.

What’s your experience with such opening lines?

I look forward to hearing from you, any of the usual ways.



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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    Maybe, you should advise them to read Deuteronomy 18:20-22. The Lord doesn’t like false prophets. Personally, I’ve not had this experience, and I’m sort of glad. Hopefully if God sends me a prophet with a message, he will also tell me to expect the coming prophet.


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